Yoga for Birth

This course can be attended individually or as part of the post graduate training and is recognised as an approved professional development (APD) course by Yoga Australia.

Aim of the course is to:

  • understand the physical, mental and emotional journey of labour.
  • understand how yoga can support women to have a positive and empowering birth experience.
  • give you confidence and knowledge to design and teach their own yoga for birth classes and workshops.
  • honour Patanjali’s eightfold path and teach authentic yoga.
  • understand the power and importance of women sharing their journey, the need for this emotional support and community and how to bring this into your classes.

Outline of course content:

Anatomy and Physiology

  • Stages of labour.
  • Changing hormones during labour.
  • Anatomy of the pelvis and pelvic floor during labour.

Yoga for Birth

  • Importance of the birth environment.
  • Power of female instinct.
  • Principles of Active Birth and an outline of the history of birth.
  • Pros and cons of birthing in a medicalised environment.
  • Supporting women to navigate the unexpected on their birth journey.
  • Instinctive role of the male in the birthing environment.
  • Supporting women with previous birth trauma or history of abuse.
  • Practicalities of establishing and running yoga for birth classes and workshops for women and their birth partner.
  • Recommended resources – books and film.

Yoga for Birth – teaching simple yogic birth tools

  • Series of class plans designed to empower and prepare women for their birth.
  • Birth positions for each stage.
  • The value of drishti.
  • Massage practises for labour.
  • Breathing (pranayama) for each stage of labour.
  • Yoga nidra, visualisation and meditation for birth.
  • Using sound or mantra in labour.

The course includes two non-residential weekend intensives held at the beginning and end of a 10 week period and an invaluable one on one mentoring component. This time allows for the necessary study, practise and course work to be completed and assessed.

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